We have made a change in the style of these yardage books. All will remain flip style but will have 3D fairway view  accompanied by a seperate greens book for your drawing of slopes and breaks. All course books are made with heavy card stock covers, and include a club yardage chart. 



Why do competitors like using our yardage books? They are life like and easy to use.

3D yardage books give you depth and accuracy off the tee and on the green. Playing a practice round? Use our green image to draw breaks and slopes. Yardage books provide information a range finder can never give you. In addition, the confidence you get by using a yardage book is unmatched in competition. 


All yardages to fairway bunkers and penalty areas are from the regular course tee boxes. There are several yardages to the center of the green throughout the fairway you can simply deduct from your child's tee box yardage to get distance to each area. All yardages to center of green will be the same no matter what tee you are hitting from. 

Pinehurst-USKG World Teen & Kid Worlds 3D Yardage Books

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