Books  are currently being shipped 20-30 days prior to the event or in most cases sooner. All books are 3D imagary with green grids. Books measure 6.50" x 3.9". Green grids are below the 3/8" conforming with the rules of golf. There is a large note area for every hole.  WE ARE ONLY PRINTING 15 BOOKS FOR EACH COURSE!!! THEY SELL OUT QUICK SO DO NOT WAIT.


Why do competitors like using our yardage books? They are life like and very easy to use.

3D yardage books give you depth and accuracy off the tee and on the green. Playing a practice round? Use our green image to draw breaks and slopes. Yardage books provide information a range finder can never give you. In addition, the confidence you get by using a yardage book is unmatched in competition. 


Books are made with 80# matte paper that can also be written on.  All books are weather resistant and fit inside a standard yardage book holder. 

Junior Fall 2020 Tournaments

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