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My Caddie Pro


DIY Yardage Book


The My Caddie Pro DIY yardage book is designed for professional, collegiate, junior, and competitive golfers and caddies who build game plans by taking notes during their practice rounds.  Players and caddies now use phone apps to fill out their My Caddie Pro prior to their practice or tournament rounds. See our "Instructions" page  and learn how to fill out your book right from home! Use

apps such as 18birdies, GolfLogix, Google Earth to make prepare your Pro to play with confidence and consistency.


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My Caddie Pro Do-it-Yourself Yardage Books are used by professional, amateur, and junior golfers worldwide. Used on professional golf tours and by top golf schools and academies such as; IJGA, Dustin Johnson Golf School, David Leadbetter Academy, Hank Johnson Academy and several others. 

Our My Caddie Pro Yardage Book allows you to draw detailed sketches of fairways, greens and hazards, to help maximize your scoring potential, and immediately impact your game. Players and caddies use online applications such as Google Earth and phone apps like; 18Birdies, GolfLogix, SwingU, and others, to sketch holes and create a gameplan prior to getting to the course.

The My Caddie Pro allows you to:

  • Play with confidence

  • Eliminate costly mistakes

  • Make precise shots

  • Document yardages to hazards and landing areas

  • Draw green slopes and breaks

  • Keep statistics during a round

DIY Yardage Book
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Do It Yourself Yardage Book Fairway sketch
Do it Yourself Yardage Book
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